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Watch working versions of Assassin's Creed Syndicate's hidden blade and rope launcher

It's impossible to play Assassin's Creed Syndicate — or any Batman game for that matter — without wondering what it would be like to have an actual device that allowed you to climb up structures by firing a rope attached to a grappling hook.

Colin Furze actually built one, and you can watch his video above to see the device in action. It's not exactly like the hardware one sees in games and movies. First you have to fire the rope itself:

firing rope gif

And then once the grappling hook is firmly secured you have to connect the rope to the harness and use the motor to do all the heavy lifting. Like so:

climbing gif

The process of making a hidden blade is a bit more straightforward, complete with mechanism hidden in a ring you wear on your finger, but c'mon. The result is still pretty cool.

hidden blade

The full video has a lot of interesting scenes of these gadgets in action, and at the end there are links to learn more about how they were created. This is really neat stuff, and I'd like one of each to play with right the heck now, thanks.

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