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Sony surveys PS4 owners on possible new features, including PSone and PS2 Classics

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Sony wants to know what PlayStation 4 owners want out of future updates, and according to a newly circulated survey, those updates could include PlayStation and PlayStation 2 game support, the ability to change your PlayStation Network ID and other oft-requested improvements.

That survey — a sampling of which was posted to NeoGAF — asked some console owners what they think are the most important features that should be added to the PS4. Options include the ability to make folders, hide or delete items from the system's library, custom backgrounds and notifications when friends come online.

The survey also includes references to the aforementioned "PS1 Classics" and "PS2 Classics." The PS4 does not currently support software released for the first two PlayStation consoles, though a handful of PlayStation 2 titles were recently rated for PS4. Sony originally planned to stream original PlayStation and PS2 games through its PlayStation Now service, but the company has focused solely on streaming PS3 titles to date.

Sony also asks when PS4 owners expect to see the system's "next big system software update," which it refers to as version 4.00, with new features. The options range from "before the end of 2015" to "2017 or later," so it's not clear when some of these proposed features might actually hit. The PS4's most recent big system software update, version 3.00, was released in September.