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Destiny gets a shout-out on The Simpsons

If you stuck around to watch the credits of last night's episode of The Simpsons, you might have noticed a tiny reference to Destiny. If you missed it, Bungie has helpfully tweeted out the joke for you to catch up on.

Traditionally, the credits for the long-running cartoon's "Treehouse of Horror" specials feature feature Halloween-themed puns replacing the actual names of the cast and crew. For casting associate Nick Conti, this meant co-opting the term "Necrochasm" as his nickname.

As Destiny players know, Nechrochasm is an exotic assault rifle added in the game's first downloadable content pack, only accessible from an upgrade that's notoriously difficult to find in a loot drop. Conti references the rarity of the weapon as a footnote to his credit.

Much like The Simpsons, Destiny is celebrating Halloween — or "Festival of the Lost" —this year. New emotes launched for the game today, as well as other holiday details to be found in-game. The event will run until Nov. 9.

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