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Robinson: The Journey from Crytek is heading to PlayStation VR

Crytek's dinosaur-filled virtual reality game, Robinson: The Journey, is heading to PlayStation VR, the company announced today during Sony's Paris Games Week conference.

Robinson: The Journey was announced at E3 2015 this year with few details surrounding it. The game follows a young boy who crash-lands on a strange planet. In a trailer for the game, a robot companion guides "Robin" through a dim, lush forest. The pair dodges falling trees and fleeing dinosaurs, with the robot companion guiding Robin to safety — kind of. By the trailer's end, the two encounter what looks like a very mean dino predator. Check it out above.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, executive producer Elijah Freeman said the team wants to recreate a level of authenticity "on a much, much grander scale."

"That means not just making something visually stunning, but also telling a story that is emotionally engaging and which resonates with players beyond the game world," he wrote.

"It's a bold ambition, we know. But just as PlayStation VR will invite players to enjoy gaming in an entirely new way, I think it should also inspire us as developers to create ambitious experiences worthy of this amazing new technology."

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