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The Royals will win the World Series, according to the PC's top baseball simulation

But it's probably going seven games.

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Kansas City and the New York Mets begin the World Series at 8:07 p.m. tonight, and baseball management simulation Out of the Park Baseball 16 says the Royals are the favorite, winning in 16 out of 20 simulations run with the game.

Unlike console game sports simulations, OOTP 16 didn't do a one-shot simulation of the championship. In the 20 simulations run, nine went the full seven games, with the Mets winning two and Kansas City seven. Only one simulation returned a four-game sweep, which Kansas City also won.

"Regardless of which way the World Series really goes, we expect it to be a lengthy, exciting series," Out of the Park Developments wrote. A deeper breakdown of the simulation results is available at that link.

Out of the Park Baseball is a highly regarded sports management series that has been published since 1999. This year it added Major League Baseball licensing for the first time. The game doesn't have a license from baseball's players' union to use its members likenesses, but the rosters used in this simulation reflect the teams' general makeup and strengths according to their performance this year.

The 2015 World Series is just the fourth World Series to have games scheduled in the month of November. Out of the Park Baseball 16, available for for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, is on sale for $9.99 through Nov. 4, by which date a champion will be crowned.

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