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Captain America star Anthony Mackie really hates Man of Steel

Anthony Mackie is a Marvel fan through and through.

The Captain America: Winter Soldier and Ant-Man star (who will be reprising his role as Falcon in Marvel's upcoming Civil War) recently called out a journalist for liking Warner Bros.' Superman feature.

"What was the last good DC movie you saw," Mackie asks a Collider journalist in a new video.

When the interviewer responds by saying he loves Man of Steel, Mackie can't keep the shock off his face.

"You're bananas. You're bananas," Mackie says. "You should just email everyone you know and ask them what they thought about the movie."

As the conversation continues, Mackie says it "scares him" that the journalist is reviewing movies, based on his unabashed love for Zack Snyder's divisive film. By the end of the short clip, the interviewer admits he can't wait for Civil War, causing Mackie to sputter.

"Don't say that, don't say that. Cause if you say it's good, then it's bad, because you have awful taste."

While harsh, the overall tone of the video is pretty light and it's clear the two are just having fun with one another. That being said, it's apparent that Mackie definitely doesn't like Snyder's interpretation of Superman's story.

He did not, however, comment on whether or not he was excited for the director's upcoming superhero extravaganza, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to be released on May 6, 2016.

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