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Wild will have 'Bloodborne-style' multiplayer, male and female protagonists

PlayStation Blog

Wild developer Wild Sheep Studio's upcoming PlayStation 4 project, showed off some new bear-riding gameplay at Paris Games Week yesterday. Director Michel Ancel shared further details in a post on the PlayStation blog.

During the press event, PlayStation fans watched as a male hunter explored the prehistoric landscape, but Ancel saidthere's the option to play as a woman, as well. No matter which gender you choose, the game starts from the beginning of your character's life. The story unfolds as your hunter grows into his or her power, gaining experience over time.

Ancel promised the open-world adventure will afford players complete choice over the direction the protagonist heads in. "Will the shaman start life by learning to control small animals like frogs?" the post reads. "Or will he work harder to master stronger animals like wolves or bears?" Players can make these decisions for themselves.

There will also be a multiplayer mode to allow others to explore your particular Wild world. This functionality is not in the build seen on the Paris Games Week show floor, but "[Ancel has] been inspired by the multiplayer element of Bloodborne," in particular, according to the blog post. Multiplayer will offer players the chance to affect the progress of others.

Wild still has a way to go in the development process, according to Ancel. No release date has been set for the PS4 exclusive.

Check out demo footage of Wild from Paris Games Week below.