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Longform returns with stories about Apple TV's wild tech and PS Vita's unlikely success

Feature stories reimagined as audiobooks

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Polygon Longform's episodes are available whenever we publish our biggest, most interesting features — and this week, we've got a double dose of stories for you. That's more than an hour's worth of storytelling, free of charge.

Apple TV is a radical rethinking of your relationship with the hardware and games you own

We explore the fascinating technology behind Apple TV's apps and how the way Apple manages them could have huge ramifications for the games and hardware you own.

PlayStation Vita may die childless, but it changed Sony in time for PS4

The PlayStation Vita's future is uncertain, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a failure. Thanks to Shahid Ahmad and his team at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, the struggling handheld changed Sony and paved the way for the PlayStation 4's success.

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