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Game of Thrones fans may have to wait longer than usual for season six

Although no air date has been announced, Game of Thrones fans may have to wait a little longer than they're used to for the new season.

The show, which usually premieres in April alongside Silicon Valley and Veep, may now not premiere until May. This is based on the timing of HBO's "winter" slate of shows, including Girls, Togetherness and new series Vinyl.

HBO tends to follow a pretty strict regimen: Two or three big series per season (as in winter, spring, summer and fall) that air on Sunday nights. The shows run for 10 weeks, and then there's usually a one-week break before the next block of shows air. For the past few years, that's meant that Girls and the shows in its bracket (Togetherness) premiered in January so Game of Thrones could premiere in April.

This year, however, Vinyl premieres on Feb. 14, while Girls and Togetherness don't return until Feb. 21. Doing some simple math, that means Vinyl will end April 24, with Girls and Togetherness ending May 1.

Of course, time slots also have to be taken into consideration. Game of Thrones owns the coveted 9 p.m. ET slot, which will now also belong to Vinyl. If HBO wanted to air their number-one show as soon as possible, they could technically air the premiere April 24, but again, the network's history needs to be taken into account. It seems far less likely that HBO will want to air the Game of Thrones premiere the same night as the Girls and Togetherness finales, and far more likely that they'll just rerun an episode of Vinyl.

A representative for HBO told Polygon that as of right now, nothing has been pushed back because an air date hasn't officially been announced.

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