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The first 'live horror movie' to be streamed on Twitter tonight

If you're hanging out on Twitter tonight, take note: The world's first ever "live horror movie" is about to be streamed.

Using Periscope, a live streaming service for iOS and Android devices, filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth will present his entire 15-minute short film, Fifteen, to the world as he shoots it.

Partnering with Blumhouse, the studio behind horror titles like Insidious, The Purge and Paranormal Activity, Booth told the CBC that he came up with the idea two months ago when he first downloaded the app on his phone. The actual time it took to figure out how he would go about capturing the short in real-time, however, only took about four or five weeks.

Booth added that the film will also be interactive, and people can send their comments and suggestions to the main character via Periscope, influencing the direction the film takes.

Comparing it to Birdman, the winner of last year's Best Picture category at the Oscars, Booth said the entire film will take place in one take, with the main actor constantly interacting with the audience to keep it as engaging as possible.

People interested in watching the short can do so by following Blumhouse on Twitter or by logging into Periscope and searching for the Blumhouse channel.

Fifteen will premiere at 10 p.m. ET.

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