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Turtle Rock's Evolve gets a fifth monster next week: the Gorgon

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Another monster is coming to Turtle Rock's four-versus-one shooter Evolve next week: the giant alien arachnid known as the Gorgon. It's the fifth playable monster for Evolve, joining the Behemoth, Goliath, Kraken and Wraith.

The Gorgon is coming as downloadable content. She'll be available for purchase individually for $9.99 on Nov. 3. She's also included as part of Evolve's second season pass, which Turtle Rock announced in June.

Here's a breakdown of the Gorgon's abilities from the game's forums:

Traversal: Web Slinging - Gorgon fires a web and slings herself accross the map. This ability can be used to attach yourself to a wall to hide from danger or prepare for a sneak attack.

Ability One: Acid Spit - Deals damage to Hunters and leaves a pool of toxic acid.

Ability Two: Web Snare - Slows down and disorients Hunters.

Ability Three: Mimic - Gorgon sends out a bright green, player controlled version of itself that can be detonated to deal massive damage to hunters. Gorgon is vulnerable whilst using this.

Ability Four: Spider Trap - Gorgon fires a spider-like creature from her abdomen that will trap Hunters and pull them away from their team. Traped teammates must be rescued by someone by an ally. The spider traps will travel no more than 40 meters when a Hunter is trapped.

Evolve's second season pass includes the new monster Gorgon and four new hunter characters. Two of those new hunters have already been released: Lennox and Jack.

For more on Evolveread Polygon's review.

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