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The best Japanese cat-collecting game is finally available in English (update)

Neko Atsume, the adorable, stray cat-centric Japanese mobile game for iOS and Android devices, has received its biggest, most important update: an option to play the game in English.

Previously inscrutable — but not unplayable — to non-Japanese speakers, Neko Atsume's latest feature is the option to switch between Japanese and English text at will.

In English, the game goes by the name Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. Other notable differences include new official names for all of the cats (although you're still able to rename them at your leisure), as well as for their toys and food options.

Also added: Even more rare cats and items, as well as new house remodeling styles.

The game's official Twitter account mentioned that the update should be available for both Android and iOS, but iOS users reported that their games remained Japanese-only.

Neko Atsume's primary mechanic involves purchasing gifts in order to solicit cats to your expandable yard. A happy kitten will reward you for your efforts with golden sardines, which can be used to purchase higher-quality products.

The ultimate goal is to woo the entire set of strays to your home and fill out your Catbook.

Neko Atsume has been a fan favorite both abroad and in its home country. The Japanese Google Play outpost recently celebrated the mobile title during a game-themed week of YouTube collaborations with a live-action recreation.

The real-life take on the game was livestreamed for 11 hours straight, which you can watch in its entirety on YouTube.

Update: You can now play the iOS version of the game in English — the update has just been made available for Apple devices.

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