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PlayStation Plus lineup for November revealed (update)

Sony has announced its free PlayStation Plus titles for November with the short teaser trailer above that, curiously, only includes PlayStation 4 games.

The Walking Dead: Season Two and Magicka 2 will be available for PlayStation Plus members to download starting next month.

The video explicitly refers to these as the "Free PS4 Games Lineup" for November. Previously, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games were also included as part of the monthly Plus member giveaway, but the announcement fails to mention these systems.

October's lineup offered Broken Age to gamers on all three consoles, with other cross-platform titles including KickBeat on PS3 and PS Vita.

This month's offerings expire Nov. 3.

Update: Sony has shared the full line-up for November on the PlayStation Blog. The list not only includes the teased PS4 games, but something for PS3 and Vita owners, as well. The full list is below.

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