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A Mass Effect dev made a creepy short film, and you can watch it now

Richard Boylan is a cinematics director at BioWare whose work has been featured in games such as Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. But Boylan isn't just interested in game cinematics; he also shoots short movies in his free time.

Boylan's short movie "Timelike" was actually published online this summer, but Halloween seems like the perfect time to devote 10 minutes to this unnerving little story. He uses the divisive found film style to tell the story, but it's put to very good effect in this mind-bending time travel tale.

Aside from some light sci-fi trappings to the story, don't expect any real connections to Mass Effect. However, BioWare fan or not, it's easy to appreciate the skill in Boylan's work as on display here. Check it out above, and have a happy Halloween.

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