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Ubisoft is slowly unveiling something new, watch live now

Ubisoft has something new to show us "coming soon." An announcement for an upcoming title is currently being livestreamed on the publisher's YouTube channel.

You can take a look above.

The stream began at 12 p.m. ET today and features what at first appeared to be a static image of a cave painting softly lit by a flickering flame. Ubisoft tweeted out the video with the tagline "Survival is timeless" as a hint to what the announcement could be.

Those who continue to watch, however, will notice that the image has in fact been evolving since the start of the stream. Additional drawings have been added to the cave wall, so that the spear-wielding caveman is now joined by prehistoric-looking archers.

What the drawing will ultimately consist of, or reveal, remains to be seen.

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