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Cartoon Network 'cannot confirm' new Justice League series

Despite various online rumors, an animated Justice League will not be coming to television next year.

"We cannot confirm that a new Justice League series is in development," a Cartoon Network spokesperson told Polygon in an email.

The rumors started when The World's Finest posted a screenshot of a Facebook comment from the network's Canadian division that allegedly confirmed a new Justice League series was being made.

The post, which could not be confirmed as real by either the Canadian or American division, reported that the show would air next fall.

"Cartoon Network U.S. makes those announcements, not Cartoon Network Canada," Netta Rondinelli, Manager of Communications-Television at Cartoon Network Canada said.

At the time of this posting, there is no way to confirm the Facebook comment is authentic.

The last Justice League series the Cartoon Network worked on aired in 2006.