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Gotham showrunner says female Joker '100% possible'

The Joker is going to go through some pretty interesting changes on Gotham.

WARNING: Spoiler alert for the most recently aired episode.

In Fox's series, the Joker is more of an abstract ideology than an actual character, and after the first Joker, Jerome (played brilliantly by Cameron Monaghan), died on Monday's episode, the question is who will be next in line to paint their face.

While theories have been circulating the forums, showrunner Bruno Heller told's Lucas Siegel that it is "100% possible" the next Joker could be a woman.

"One of the central themes of the DC world is transformation and revelation," Heller said, "we've absolutely considered the possibility of a female Joker, and we haven't... well I'll stop myself from saying more because I won't be able to stop revealing things."

Heller made it clear that he's not shying away from the transformation, either.

"It is incumbent on us, when we're telling such a rich, and psychedelic and surreal and infinitely expandable story, it's both one of the joys of it and one of the scary things about it: you can plausibly go anywhere with this story."

He also admitted that the Gotham writing team were going to spend the season throwing in surprises for fans that they may not appreciate, but that he thinks will help keep the audience engaged.

It's not like DC Comics hasn't gender swapped Gotham's most notorious villain before, either. In the Flashpoint series, Bruce Wayne's mother, Martha, becomes the Joker while his father, Thomas, becomes Batman after Bruce is the one killed in the infamous alley shooting.

More recently, Duela Dent has been introduced as the Joker's daughter (a name she's given to herself) and taken over his trade in the New 52 series.

Gotham airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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