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New gameplay footage from dungeon crawler RPG Underworld Ascendant

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We haven't seen much of Underworld Ascendant since its successful Kickstarter raised $800K.

Created by some of the developers behind the original Ultima Underworld and System Shock, it's a dungeon crawler that seeks to give the player the ability to progress through exploration and experimentation, rather than scripted solutions.

Players can take on traditional character classes such as mage, warrior and rogue, but there's a strong element of mixing up skills. The world itself is heavily influenced by the original Ultima Underworld games, which were some of the biggest selling PC games of the 1990s.

This footage offers a look at a rogue character stealing an artefact and dealing with an enemy, without use of combat or magic. Developer Otherside Entertainment says it plans to release more details on combat in the future.

Underworld Ascendant is scheduled for release at the end of 2016.