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Destiny gets a new timed quest leading to the Sleeper Simulant exotic weapon (update)

One of Destiny: The Taken King's most talked about mysteries is the Sleeper Simulant, a new exotic heavy weapon that, so far, nobody's been able to find. Reddit has been aflame with discussions on where it could possibly be located, with some industrious players diving into the code of the game searching for hints. Today, the search got a big shot in the arm: A new mission has appeared in the Cosmodrome, kicking off a new questline that presumably leads to the Sleeper Simulant.

Update: According to Bungie, this mission won't always be available, so if you're able to kick it off today, you probably should.

You can watch the steps you have to follow to start the Sleeper Simulant questline in the video above.

According to this Reddit thread, the mission only appears if you've located all four parts of the weapon, which drop randomly and can be turned into the Gunsmith for reputation. Completing the mission unlocks the Curious Transceiver, an item that requires you to input a series of codes — again, the solution is in that thread — to unlock the next step in the chain. After completing the next step, a timed climb up Cayde's tower in the Cosmodrome, you have to hunt down a few Warsats, and then ... the quest chain dead-ends.

It's assumed that the next step in the Sleeper Simulant quest will eventually appear, much like today's surprise development. It's not unlike the hidden Black Spindle event hidden in one of The Taken King's daily heroic missions, which you can watch us run down in the video posted below.