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Get your free Jessica Jones and Daredevil comic right here

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Before Jessica Jones was a highly anticipated Netflix original series, Jessica Jones was the star of the comic book by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. And now she is again, with a Daredevil cameo to boot.

As Bendis announced on his blog this morning, Marvel gathered most of the original creative team from Alias, Jessica's debut book, to craft a single issue comic that's available free on Bendis and Gaydos returned to write and draw the comic.

The brief but evocative story takes place in the Marvel Netflix television universe, setting a bit of scene for the upcoming Jessica Jones television series. But don't worry: it's totally spoiler free both for the Daredevil and Jessica Jones television shows and the Jessica Jones comics. So go grab that book. It's free!

Here's the full cover image by David Mack, cover artist on Alias. Jessica Jones will debut on Netflix on Nov 20.

Jessica Jones free comic cover

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