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Telltale Games titles removed from App Store due to iOS 9 issues

Back to the Future, A Wolf Among Us, and other mobile ports of Telltale Games' adventure tiles have been removed from the App Store following problems with the new iOS9.

A search of the iPad and iPhone's App Store for these and other games, like The Walking Dead, turns up no results. That's because the publisher have made them unavailable for purchase due to technical issues that occur when playing on the new operating system.

These include crashing, freezing, and lack of sound, according to a a post from Telltale's support team. As it fully investigates the cause of and solution to these errors, the publisher confirmed that it would be "temporarily removing the affected apps from the App Store."

If you have already purchased these games, you are still able to re-download them, even if they have been deleted from your device.

Telltale Games' Apple ports are the latest to be taken off Apple's digital storefront. Just yesterday, we reported that Capcom had pulled the iOS version of Ghost Trick from retail. In September, 2K Games removed its mobile edition of BioShock, following long-reported technical difficulties. Both publishers explained that the games will return to iOS eventually, although neither have been made available again for purchase as of yet.

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