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Find space riches as you run across the universe in Astroneer

In its premiere trailer, above, sci-fi adventure game Astroneer looks like a real trip.

That trip takes you across numerous planets, running across vast landscapes and exploring uncharted intergalactic territory.

You play as one of the traveling titular Astroneers, according to the story provided on the official website. "The sudden development of technology for rapid space travel enables fast and inexpensive journeys to the stars," the description reads. Players take on the role of adventurers who are willing to risk their lives to find great fortune in the galaxy's new and exciting worlds.

"Inifinitely diverse worlds" are promised, and each planet can be planned and altered to your liking. As you establish yourself out in space, you must remember to prioritize survival over accumulating resources and wealth.

Launching on Windows PC via Steam, Seattle-based studio System Era Softworks is developing the game. This will be the debut title from the team, which features artists from Ubisoft.

There is no release date yet, but based on its beautiful rendering of the final frontier seen in the first look, Astroneer has already asserted itself as one to watch.