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Street Fighter 5's second beta test coming to PS4 and PC later this month

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Capcom will hold a second multiplayer beta test for Street Fighter 5 later this month, the publisher confirmed today. Players on PlayStation 4 will get access to the beta on Oct. 22, while players on PC will get access on Oct. 24. And for the first time, cross-platform play will be included.

Six characters will be playable in the upcoming beta: KenNecalliVegaR. MikaRashid and Karin. However, Rashid won't be unlocked until Oct. 23 and Karin won't be unlocked until Oct. 24. Characters who were playable in the previous beta — Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Birdie, Nash and M. Bison — won't be playable at all.

Street Fighter 5's second playable beta will feature ranked matchmaking, combined PS4 and PC leaderboards, player profile search and some unlockables that can be purchased with Fight Money. (Fight Money is the in-game currency which players can earn by playing Street Fighter 5.) On the Capcom Unity blog, the company said that Fight Money earned in the beta won't carry over to the third beta test or the final game, and that Fight Money values are currently placeholder.

To see if your Windows PC is up to the task of playing the Street Fighter 5 beta, check out Capcom's minimum and recommended hardware specs.

Capcom held the first Street Fighter 5 global beta test in JulyIt didn't go very well, and Capcom cautions players that the upcoming beta could have its own technical issues.

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