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See Street Fighter 5's new fighter Laura show off her electrifying jiu-jitsu skills

One of Street Fighter 5's brand-new characters, Laura, leaked a little earlier than planned, thanks to a gaffe from Japanese publication Famitsu last week. Today, we get our first real look at Laura in action, who shows off her Mitsuda jiu-jitsu skills in a battle against Ken.

Based on the gameplay trailer above, Laura appears to be a new rushdown character who uses a combination of strikes that put pressure on her opponent and can then be chained into throws. Like her fellow countryman Blanka, she has an electrical element to her attacks and a very slow projectile that seems mostly designed to confuse her rival. She even has a Blanka-inspired rolling attack, which appears to be her Critical Art super move.

Last week, Capcom officially confirmed that Zangief would return for Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter 5 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in 2016.

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