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If you want to unlock more of Fallout 4's secrets, you'll need smarts to do it

Listen. We know you want Fallout 4. I want it. You want it. Everybody wants it. But while we wait just four more weeks for it to drop like a 50s-era-influenced nuclear bomb on our free time, developer Bethesda Studios has released the latest in their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video series, which elaborates on the various skills and abilities you can unlock and utilize in the wasteland. This week, it's all about Intelligence.

This video hit closer to home for me as it talks about one of my own personal Fallout proclivities — the tendency to level skills that give me access to more in-game stuff. Today's video demonstrates how the hacking skill — which is tied to the Intelligence skill tree — will allow wastelanders to unlock areas in Fallout 4 that would otherwise remain sealed to them. It also elaborates on how Intelligence plays into a revamped crafting system, and suggests that smart players may be able to navigate post-apocalyptic Boston in new ways.

You and I will continue wanting Fallout 4 until its release on Nov. 10.

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