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Watch Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread dev build a 'physics-y' Mario Maker level

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If London-based Bossa Studios are known for one thing, it's physics. Whether its comedy games like Surgeon Simulator 2013 and I am Bread or the upcoming open-world airship warfare / grappling hook game Worlds Adrift, robust (and often hilarious) physics simulation are the core of almost every game Bossa has ever released.

In this installment of our video series Devs Make Mario, Bossa's own Luke Williams stopped by to see if he could apply his studio's randomness-driven physics-first mentality to the ostensibly predictable 2D engine of Super Mario Maker. The results: more successful than you might expect!

Above, watch Luke walk you through his surprisingly grounded design process ("I hate levels when you go down [an empty corridor] — at least put doors down the corridor so I know that it's a functional corridor!"), plus watch a full playthrough of "Mario Adrift," his Worlds Adrift-inspired stage.

If you'd like to play "Mario Adrift" for yourself, the course ID is FB82-0000-0090-150B. For more on Worlds Adrift, stay tuned to Polygon — we've got extended hands-on gameplay for Bossa's latest game coming later this week.

Got a game developer you'd like to see try their hand at Mario Maker? Let us know in the comments and they may appear in a future episode!

(Music: NΣΣT - "Haru")

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