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Destiny's new quest unlocks its most mysterious weapon, the Sleeper Simulant

Destiny players can now unlock the Sleeper Simulant, a rare weapon whose "laser tears through enemies and ricochets once on hard surfaces," but whose location confounded users until today.

Players who completed "The First Firewall" quest yesterday will receive a new quest from the Gunsmith to complete the Fallen SABER strike at 280 light difficulty, according a post on the Destiny subreddit. Turn your reward into Banshee in the Tower, and Guardians will be rewarded with the weapon, which you can see below.

The path to the Sleeper Simulant began yesterday, with a new quest called "The First Firewall." The quest chain ended abruptly, though, and Bungie said it wouldn't always be available. According to another Destiny subreddit post, it's already gone.

Press play below to see our video guide to "The First Firewall" and learn what you'll need to do the next time that Bungie opens the path to the Sleeper Simulant.

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