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David Tennant gets creepy in new Jessica Jones teaser

This isn't the quirky, fast talking David Tennant fans remember from Doctor Who.

In the latest trailer for Netflix's Jessica Jones, the show's title character (played by Krysten Ritter) can be seen standing in her Alias Investigations office at 2:33 in the morning, putting up various photographs of what appear to be different crime scenes.

While she's tacking the photos up on her board, Tennant — who plays the villainous Kilgrave — delivers an incredibly creepy voiceover.

"Jessica," he starts, "I know your secrets. I know about your friends, about your gifts, Jones."

It ends with Tennant ominously declaring that he knows everything about the new superhero before Jones stomps out of the office, his face forming in the numerous photographs strewn around.

Jessica Jones will be available to stream on Netflix on Nov. 20.

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