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Justice League Dark movie to be produced by Scott Rudin for Warner Bros.

Former Sony executive producer Scott Rudin has reportedly found his next project.

The man whose name became synonymous with the studio's hacking scandal last year has allegedly signed onto Warner Bros.' rumored Justice League Dark film, Dark Universe, according to The Tracking Board.

The film was originally supposed to be helmed by Guillermo del Toro, but according to the site, Rudin has started meeting with other directors while working on updating the script. The Pacific Rim director will stay attached to the project, however, as a producer alongside Rudin.

There isn't much known about the project, but del Toro has released some clues as to what the film may encompass.

According to del Toro, DC characters like Constantine and Swamp Thing will make an appearance, while the movie will follow a newly formed collective of questionable heroes as they try to stop ancient mythical creatures from destroying the world.

Much like Guardians of the Galaxy's placement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dark Universe will coexist within the same realm as the Justice League, but there are no plans for the two teams to ever crossover with one another.

Rudin — whose latest film Steve Jobs is scheduled to open tomorrow — is reportedly pushing the movie through the studio as quickly as possible, aiming to start production in 2016.

Unlike other Warner Bros.' films, like the standalone Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman movies, Dark Universe wasn't mentioned during the studio's massive announcement last year.

Warner Bros. has yet to respond to the rumors.

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