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The best moments from NYCC's Game of Thrones panel

This year's New York Comic Con featured panel appearances by Game of Thrones actors Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell), Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) and Keisha Castle-Hughes (Obara Sand). In case you didn't catch Game of Thrones: A Panel of Ice and Fire, we've recounted the best moments below for you to enjoy. Fair warning: Some of their answers include spoilers for past seasons, and perhaps even one for the show's future.

Catelyn Stark is the one character Jones would bring back

"I think Michelle [Fairley] did a fantastic job," Jones said. "The show's been missing a real motherly, caring character. Cersei's, yeah, she's a little bit crazy."

Dormer prefers the rough side of acting

"It's easier not being dolled up," Dormer said. "Because, especially as an actress, and I think Keisha can back me up here, there is a pressure to be looking beautiful and looking great, [as opposed] to actually just concentrate on the acting and the character and being really rough. It's quite liberating ... just to not to have to worry."

Co-star Jones chimed in as well, adding that it's a similar boat for men.

"I think guys, especially these days, have to doll up as much as girls do," Jones said. "I think there is definitely more pressure on girls, but still for guys, there is still a certain aesthetic they need to look like."

Jones added that it's nice to be able to focus on the character and acting and "not worry about your bloody hair. It is really nice to let it all go."

Everyone wants to hang with the Starks

When asked about which characters they'd like to share scenes with, all three actors wanted time with the Starks.

"I reckon Loras would probably try and turn Jon Snow gay," Jones said. "I'd like to see that happen. I'd also like to share hair tips."

Keisha Castle-Hughes, meanwhile, said that's she'd love for Obara to meet Arya Stark, while Dormer had a sentimental answer.

"I miss Sophie [Turner]," Dormer said. "I miss Sansa. I think Margaery could help her sort out — well, she's left now — but she could have helped her sort out Ramsay. 'Drink this.'"

Dormer is aware of her similarities to Kermit's new girlfriend

As one audience member brought up during the Q&A, Dormer shares a strange sort of physical similarity to Kermit the Frog's new girlfriend in The Muppets TV show. Dormer, not deterred by the strange comparison, shared a story.

"I had dinner with David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], and I don't know if anyone remembers — I think it might have been season 3, season 4, I'm walking out on the cliffs with Sophie [Turner], with Sansa, and I tell her about how I was teased as a young girl for having a snubby nose. Margaery is saying to Sansa, you know, I'm not perfect. I used to get bullied because I've got a ski-jump nose.

"I phoned David and Dan, and I said — it's the only time I've asked them to put in a line — please can you put in the line that it was a piggy nose. A pig. Because I was bullied in school, and I used to get told I had a piggy nose. I've got big nostrils. My whole family does. It's a burden that we bear.

"And I said for my own demons, it would be like sticking two fingers up at the bullies of my childhood if Margaery was just joking about it ... they were really good guys. They put it in for me."

Jump back to Kermit's new girlfriend ...

"So when I saw that Kermit's got a new girlfriend," Dormer said, "and she looks like, you know, I was like, maybe I'm a bit responsible for that. I'm the one that brought up the pig subject in the first place."

Dormer hints at what's next for Margaery next season

After a fan asked Dormer if Margaery could handle Cersei's walk of shame in the most recent season, Dormer got sly.

"We're in dangerous territory for the next season if I talk to you about that," she said.

Jones has his own theory on how the show will end

While fans wait for both the novels and the show to wrap up Game of Thrones, Jones has his own theories about how the epic will end — and, it's a little bleak. The factions of "ice and fire" will destroy themselves in a great war, and many will die. But it's not all bad.

"I think out of the ashes will come ... a select few people who will grow Westeros anew and give back power to the people," Jones said.

Aww. That's nice ... for Game of Thrones.

Stark is the favored house

Dormer and Keisha Castle-Hughes would both be part of the Stark family, if they had their choice. "Oh, Stark, without a doubt, Dormer said. "That's a no-brainer." But Jones isn't so sure.

"I guess I'm a Tyrell through and through," he said.

Jones had a ... memorable ... first day on set

After the panel was asked to recount their favorite or least favorite scenes, Jones jumped in with an early Loras scene.

"I like shaving guys' chests and then giving them blowjobs," he said. "You know what? That was my first-ever day on set. I was like boy, what did I just let myself into?"

Correction: The panel stream is available on Twitch.

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