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Kirkman: If I made a game it would be Destiny with The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead empire, the Invincible comics, The Outcast comics and upcoming show, can't stop talking about Destiny.

Earlier this year, during his SXSW appearance on stage, Kirkman told me that he works hard to limit his time spent gaming because he fears if he didn't he'd lose control of his gaming habit.

The one game he allows himself to play is Destiny because he thought it would be fun to play with his son.

While in March, Kirkman sounded a bit frustrated with the higher levels of the game — spending so much time for specific bits of loot — during his talk at New York Comic-Con this week he sounded like he'd found his happiness again.

As the on-stage chat kicked off, Kirkman threw a wrench into the session, interrupting his host with "Let's talk about Destiny.

"I only have one guy up to level 40 and it's killing me," he said. "I have a Hunter level 38,  a Warlock at 35.

"I love that there are so many people here who have no idea what Destiny is and they're like, 'Why is this happening?'"

Later, while talking about his company, Skybound, Kirkman once more got into a discussion of video games while talking about the many, many places The Walking Dead and his other properties are starting to show up.

"It's all very exciting," he said. "Every step we take, be it a video game or a cruise, we always try to do cool stuff. I'm a fan of all of this kind of stuff.

"I think to myself, if I wasn't the guy writing The Walking Dead and was just a fan, what would be cool to me?"

The Walking Dead franchise, which started as a comic, has spurred two television shows, a mix of strange items and events — including a cruise — and a myriad games.

Telltale's The Walking Dead might be the most popular, but there is also a shooter, another shooter in the works, a pinball table and a variety of mobile games — including one released this week.

To make matters a bit more confusing, some of the games are based on the comics and managed by Skybound, and others are based on the television show and managed by AMC.

Kirkman says he doesn't have the time or the ability to directly run any of those things. With Telltale's game, for instance, he sat in on some of the planning sessions, but didn't write the story for the games.

"I'm able to not necessarily hands things off, but for instance Scott Gimpel runs the show," he said. "And I'm able to go in and say, 'Hey, do this.'

"I've never made a video game and if I did it would suck. It would be Destiny with The Walking Dead skins on it," he said. Then after a short pause, added: "That would be a cool game."