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New Gamera trailer shown at New York Comic-Con

Capitalizing on the revitalized success of giant monster movies in Hollywood, the studio behind the new Gamera film have a special treat for fans.

The giant, city destroying turtle was back to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting Japan in a new trailer shown by Kadokawa Pictures during the Gamera 50th anniversary panel at New York Comic-Con on Thursday.


Unlike Godzilla, Noriaki Yuasa's 1965 Gamera failed to attract audiences at the box office upon release, but the movie garnered cult status as the years went on.

The new installment takes place in the midst of a devastating attack, and immediately calls back the, "so bad it's great" humor the original film made a point of including.

"Go, Manafu," one of the actors can be heard shouting as they run through the streets of Tokyo. "Run and I'll buy you ramen! Dumplings too! Plus unlimited game time!"

Gamera Run

Kadokawa Pictures have produced several of the 12 Gamera features that have been made since the original was released, including the franchise's last installment, Gamera: The Brave, back in 2006.

Although there's no release date attached to the movie, considering this is the year of the film's anniversary, fans may be able to see the new flick before the year ends.

Watch the trailer for the film below:

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