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MST3K creator Joel Hodgson asking for $2 million via Kickstarter to bring the show back

Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson wants to bring the show back, but he needs your help.

The Kickstarter campaign page gives a pretty simple reason for the question of why this is happening now: Crowdfunding gives them a way to raise the money, and the legal issues surrounding the rights to the name have finally been cleared up. The $2 million goal will fund three full-length episodes of the show, while $5.5 million will fund 12 shows.

This campaign also allows them to prove that there is an audience for the content.

"If we want a lot more MST3K, we need to work together to prove that there's still an audience out there that wants MST3K — and that this isn't all some pitiable delusion — so that we can ind a network or online platform who will agree to pick up the show and keep it going… hopefully for another 200+ episodes," Hodgson states.

One of the more interesting, potentially troubling aspects of the campaign, is that there this no mention of Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett or Mike Nelson, who wrote and performed in many episodes of Mystery Science Theater and, in the case of Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, provided the voices of signature characters for most of the show’s run.

Hopefully who exactly will be performing in the show with Hodgson will be cleared up soon, we're reaching out to clear that issue up, but for now the campaign has raised over $82,000 and the amount is rising rapidly.