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Spectre awarded Guinness World Record for largest on-screen explosion

Spectre may not have been well received by critics, and it may have underperformed at the box office, but it did just set a Guinness World Record.

The organization announced yesterday that stars Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux and producer Barbara Broccoli were all presented with official Guinness World Record certificates for their work on the scene which has been declared the largest on-screen explosion in cinematic history.

According to the site, the explosion yielded a total "68.47 tonnes of TNT equivalent" and was created by, "detonating 8,418 litres of kerosene with 33 kg of powder explosives." The site also confirmed that the blast lasted for more than seven seconds.

Talking to the organization, Broccoli and producer Michael G. Wilson commended special effects supervisor Chris Corbould for his work on setting up the scene and ensuring everything went smoothly. Corbould remains the official title holder for the award.

Spectre is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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