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Fallout 4 fans can still get their own Pip-Boy 3D printed

It's going to cost you, though

It may be too late to pick up your own official Pip-Boy to go with your copy of Fallout 4, but you can still get one 3D printed, and 3D Hubs has made the process of doing so pretty simple.

"23-year-old mechanical engineer Yvo de Haas of Ytec3D took matters into his own hands and used his SolidWorks skills to 3D model a custom 3D printable version of the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV," the page states. "The impressive design assembly features 38 parts that are optimized for FDM 3D printing and is customizable for different wrist sizes and smartphones ranging from the latest iPhone 6S models to various Android and Windows phones."

Those 38 parts have been assembled into a single order, and you can simply click on the parts that fit your particular phone and then select where you'd like to get the files printed before they're mailed to you.

"These kits include optimized original design files for 3D printing through the 3D Hubs network of nearly 24,000 3D printers around the world," the page says. "To celebrate the most printed item on our platform, we're offering everyone a 20 percent discount on their Pip-Boy print through November 13th."

The prices of the components aren't cheap, and there's some interesting variance here. The kit for large phones can run you as much as a few thousand dollars or as little as $112. I would shop around, and be aware that you're on the hook for assembly and paint.

Still, this is a great way to jump into a do-it-yourself project, and your Pip-Boy will be a bit more personal than the mass-produced models sold through more official channels.

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