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A whole bunch of people streamed Fallout 4 yesterday

People love watching people explore the wasteland

We know that a lot of people are playing Fallout 4: Yesterday, the game broke records for peak concurrent players on Steam. But a lot of gamers are watching other people play the game, too. While it has yet to set new records on Twitch, it's still driven up traffic for the streaming service, according to the Twitch Apps' viewership stats.

At its peak, almost 245,000 concurrent viewers were watching various streams of Fallout 4-related content. While this number has since fallen, Twitch's stats show that the game was watched by more people than other popular titles League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on its launch day.

Those games have since reclaimed their spots at the top of Twitch Apps' graphs, but Fallout 4 remains highly visible.

The numbers for Fallout 4 don't put it in the same realm as events like April's CS:GO championship. According to the organizers of the Counter-Strike-based ESL One Katowice tournament, 860,00 unique users tuned into watch the final match.

Fallout 4's viewing figures do look similar to another popular event, however. Twitch reported that during the Evolution 2015 tournament in August, peak concurrent viewership hit 248,000. Fallout 4, in its first day officially available, already approached that number.

Bloomberg went into more of the nitty gritty of Fallout 4 viewership on both Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Tallying the data of watchers during the game's first 12 hours following release, Bloomberg's graph showed that the number of viewers steadily increased over time. It also reported that more than 500 Twitch streamers were playing the game live, with the top channel receiving 28,000 viewers.

If you're looking to watch people play Fallout 4, check out Polygon's Let's Play series. You can watch the first episode below. Don't forget to read our review of the game, too.

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