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Wii U Black Friday deals: best prices on Nintendo consoles, 3DS and games​

Updated on Nov. 13

Black Friday is the perfect time to finally pick up that Wii U or 3DS you've been thinking about, and retailers are certainly competing for your dollar. You'll find the best deals on Nintendo systems and games in this post, and we'll be updating with the very best deals as we get closer to Black Friday.

If you want to compare the best Nintendo deals and plan your strategy of attack, this is where you want to be. Good luck, and be sure to check back often as we update the deals and list the best ones here! While many of these ads are taken from scans and leaks, Nintendo has announced many of its deals officially. We've updated the post accordingly.

Wii U

The best Wii U bundle deal right now can be found at Walmart: $249.99 gets you a 32 GB system with digital copies of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Splatoon.

Gamestop will have the same bundle, but it's $279.99. Target is offering the same price for the same bundle as well. Save some money and head for Walmart.


Want a New 3DS XL? Head to Meijer. The New Nintendo 3DS XL will be sold for $179.99, the same price as Target and GameStop, but you'll get an extra $20 gift card at checkout. Not bad!

Walmart likewise has a red or blue 3DS XL for $129.99, and that comes with a pre-loaded copy of Super Mario 3D Land. This isn't the "new" 3DS XL, but if you're fine with that or are buying for a younger child this is a great deal.

If worst comes to worst, Best Buy will have the New 3DS XL for $179.99 during Black Friday, a savings of $20. It's not much, but it's still cheaper than what it is at retail right now. Gamestop is offering the same deal, as is Target.

Target will also have the following games on sale for $15


These will go quick, but you can boost your collection with a buy one, get one for 40 percent off on all figures and cards at Toys R Us.

If you want the rare stuff, Walmart has the exclusive Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo figure with the modern coloring for $12.96.


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