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Hearthstone's next add-on is live; here are some interesting facts

The first wing of Hearthstone's recently announced League of Explorers adventure has just opened. We'll be checking that out in video form later today, but while we wait, we've been poring over every detail we can of the 45 new cards on their way.

Lucky us, then, that Reddit user BlindDevelopment has put together a helpful infographic containing all sorts of details about the new set. This includes a look at every card featuring the new "Discover" mechanic, new cards that are summoned in from other cards rather than built into your deck and what percentage chance you have to get certain spell or minions randomly summoned from other cards. Check it out below:

Hearthstone League of Explorers infographic

Fun stuff! We'll have to wait and see how much these additions to Hearthstone actually change the game's currently set-in-stone meta, but there are certainly a lot of unique and interesting cards being added.

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