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Rise of the Tomb Raider 'survival billboard' is today's ridiculous marketing stunt

You can watch the suffering live, if you're into that kind of thing

Rise of the Tomb Raider launched on Tuesday as a timed Xbox One exclusive. To further promote the game, Xbox has taken things to an extreme level — literally. Xbox is currently livestreaming the Rise of the Tomb Raider "Survival Billboard" challenge on its Twitch channel, which features a group Tomb Raider fans who have agreed to publicly face Siberian temperatures outside and in front of a poster for the game.

The stream is below. Watch live video from Xbox on

The stunt is taking place in London, with eight contestants climbing on at 1 p.m. GMT. All eight challengers have detailed profiles regarding their qualifications on the event's official website. There's also preview footage of their training for the event, during which the participants traveled to the actual Siberian tundra to get acclimated to the weather conditions.

Whoever's left standing — or rather, "survives" — will win a trip to various destinations resembling the locales of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

There are currently only five challengers remaining at the time of writing.

If you've got an Xbox One, we advise you check out Rise of the Tomb Raider from the comfort and safety of your own home. We reviewed the game as well as prepared a gameplay Overview, which you can watch below. Neither of these requires public humiliation or exposure to sub-zero temperatures in the name of marketing.

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