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Fire Emblem Fates launches February 2016 with two versions and special edition

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Fire Emblem Fates will launch Feb. 19, 2016 with three different buying options, Nintendo announced today during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

Fire Emblem Fates, known as Fire Emblem if in Japan, was announced for Nintendo 3DS earlier this year. The game's story is split into two versions, Conquest and Birthright, that are sold separately. The spit impacts the characters players meet and how the story plays out.

Nintendo confirmed that a third path, Revelations, will be available as a download to those who buy either title. It will cost $19.99 to owners of either Conquest or Birthright. A special edition set will also be available for $79.99 featuring all three storylines. It will also include an exclusive artbook and 3DS XL pouch.

Check out the video below for more from the presentation.