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Ronda Rousey would make a terrible Street Fighter 2 character

I hope you like five second rounds

The video above is supposed to be funny, but it's based on a whole lotta fact. Ronda Rousey isn't just a talented fighter, she's the closest thing fighting has to an irresistible force at the moment. There's a reason she was picked to be the cover athlete of UFC 2. Rousey would be terrible in Street Fighter 2, not because she wouldn’t be effective, but because she’d be so unbalanced no one would have fun watching her dismantle the rest of the fighters.

"Calling what Rousey does to opponents a 'fight' is kind," Vox reported in a previous story about Rousey. "Fights imply a sense of unpredictability or some kind of resistance. Rousey's fights are more like an annihilation — like watching a freight train run into cotton candy. Entering the octagon with Rousey is a death sentence for your limbs. And watching Rousey in the cage is witnessing an octopus-anaconda hybrid take human form and hunt for its dinner."

The UFC is strict about piracy, and rightly so, but entire Rousey fights are so short they can be shown in GIF form.

So it's fun to joke about how Rousey would dominate in a fighting game, but I mean ... that's probably what would happen. Just remember: Pain don't hurt.

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