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Watch all of Fallout 4's legendary foes fight to the death. Who wins?

Spoiler alert: Not the bloatflies.

Before you get too proud of yourself for taking down a Deathclaw on your first day in Fallout 4, realize that there is a bestiary of "legendary" class foes out there, Deathclaws among them. Bloatflies and mole rats, too. Just about any kind of adversary you can fight in this game has a legendary class, and this modder teamed all of them up and pit them in a fight to the death. Who wins?

YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian lays out the legendary teams, grouped by type — livestock, insects, Deathclaws, etc. The Brotherhood of Steel is "ridiculously overpowered" he says, so that team goes in the middle of the arena, like a demolition derby's worst starting position.

New Vegas pegged the 'Claws as the 7/2 favorite against the field because, hey, they just pass the "eye test," right? But don't overlook the Mirelurks, who have huge depth (something like 30 legendaries, says Cosmic Contrarian). This also is looking like a do-or-die year for the Yao Guai but I dunno, Cutler just doesn't seem that engaged with the offense. Of course, nobody circles the wagons like the Brotherhood of Steel.

At 2:35 of the video, the flag drops and so does the framerate. I won't spoil the end of it, but let's say the top two seeds meet in the grand final and while it's not a knockout, it is a unanimous decision from the judges.

Amusing as that is, it should terrify the hell out of anyone still dawdling through level 8 and scavenging up trash for pipe-rifle mods. (Raises hand.) For the keys to survive in the irradiated Commonwealth, again, consult our handy-dandy guide — with videos!

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