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Gravity Rush Remastered confirmed for a physical release

Although Gravity Rush Remastered was first announced as a PlayStation Store digital exclusive, the PlayStation 4 port of the PlayStation Vita game will receive a physical release, Sony confirms.

An October blog post explicitly stated that the remaster of Gravity Rush would be only available as a digital download, but eagle-eyed gamers noticed a listing for the game on Amazon over the weekend that seemed to suggest otherwise.

After fans tweeted at him for clarification, Sony Computer Entertainment of America's head of software marketing Asad Qizilbash confirmed that the Amazon page — which had been removed shortly after its discovery — was no fluke.

Gravity Rush Remastered will be available both digitally and physically on Feb. 9. You can pre-order the game now; the Amazon page, with box art and screens included, was reinstated following the confirmation.

A sequel, Gravity Rush 2, was announced by Sony alongside it right before Tokyo Game Show. Both games were later shown off at TGS as well as last month's Paris Games Week. There's no release date for that one yet, but Sony has confirmed that it will be heading stateside.

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