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Hasbro can barely keep up with demands for Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys

With just one month until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, toy company Hasbro has admitted it's having trouble keeping up with the demand.

CEO Brian Goldner told investors today that the company has been stretched thin trying to keep up with the amount of orders its received received, according to Deadline.

"Over the next five years, there'll be more Star Wars entertainment then there's been over the past 30," Goldner offered as an explanation. "You're reigniting a fanbase."

The CEO told investors "inventory has been light" after orders for Star Wars toys ran ahead of Hasbro's previous estimations, but admitted the way toys and merchandise for The Force Awakens has been handled is very different from most cases.

Star Wars toys directly related to the movie have been available to purchase for the past nine weeks, which Goldner said usually doesn't happen. Hasbro tends to release the toys closer to the corresponding film's release date to get more traction, but that's obviously not an issue with the upcoming Star Wars installment.

Goldner also said Hasbro first took notice of how well the Star Wars toys would sell when they were first released during Force Friday nearly two months ago.

Still, he told the group that he's confident the company can keep up with demand leading up to the film's release and beyond.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens lands on Dec. 18.

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