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Report: Mobile gamers spend big on console games too

New research shares data on mobile gaming habits

Big spenders on mobile games — that is, those who spend more than $25 per month on them — are likely to spend just as much on console games, according to a new report from research firm NewZoo.

NewZoo's data comes from a series of new findings on "mobile power users," and details their spending habits as well as other interests and behaviors. The firm details an overlap between those who spend freely on mobile and console games — 71 percent of high-spending mobile users are likely to drop the big bucks on both kinds, as opposed to just 21 percent of console owners regularly spending on mobile, too.

Fallout Shelter is called out specifically as an example of publishers taking advantage of the cross-pollination of mobile and consoler gamers. Announcing the iOS and Android title at the traditionally console-focused E3 event, the firm explains, was a move done specifically by Bethesda to capitalize upon that shared pool.

Mobile users and console owners have similar tastes in games, too. The biggest spenders on mobile love Clash of Clans as well as Plants vs. Zombies 2, according to NewZoo. Their console interests include Mario games, the Assassin's Creed franchise and Destiny.

NewZoo finds connections between mobile and other media, too. 43 percent of mobile gamers included in the study are also soccer players, and 41 percent are avid tennis watchers. Non-mobile gamers are far less likely to engage in these activities, with 16 percent of respondents claiming to play soccer.

It's important to note that the firm does not state the size of its survey sample. While figures are given for the number of console and mobile gamers total, NewZoo doesn't mention how many of these were actually polled. Either way, this is just the latest set of NewZoo's findings; the firm plans to release more statistics on the habits of mobile's biggest players in the future.

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