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Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival introduces a new host

Plus: Meets minimum Kickstarter goal in less than a week

Mystery Science Theater 3000 has successfully met its Kickstarter campaign goal after six days of funding. More than 19,000 fans of the cult comedy series have contributed toward the $2 million project, and as a reward, original host and creator Joel Hodgson announced the project's first big piece of news: the name of its new host.

Just prior to hitting the $2 million mark, Hodgson updated the campaign page with the hosting news in the video seen above. Comedian Jonah Ray will take the lead on the MST3K revival, Hodsgon wrote. The pair met when Hodgson was a guest on The Nerdist, which Ray co-hosts. After hitting it off, Hodgson decided to approach the comic to be the face of a future MST3K revamp, to which he immediately agreed.

Hodsgon also added an incentive for backers to help the project cross the line before its first week was up. Free bonus episode downloads will be granted to those who contributed more than $35 before the end of the project's seventh day on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter still has 24 days left for contributors to help the revival meet its ultimate goal of $5.5 million, allowing the team — which, notably, does not include former cast members Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett or Mike Nelson – to create a full season of 12 new episodes. The campaign closes on Dec. 12.

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