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Can't launch Star Wars Battlefront's Ultimate Edition on PS4? Here's how to fix it

Star Wars Battlefront launched today, but some buyers of the game's Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 weren't able to play the game they had paid $120 for, thanks to a strange issue that wouldn't allow players to so much as launch the game.

Battlefront's Ultimate Edition is available digitally on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One, although the problem appears to affect only the PS4 version. The $119.99 package comes with the five in-game items included in the $69.99 Deluxe Edition, as well as Battlefront's $49.99 season pass.

Players who tried to launch the Ultimate Edition were unable to do so, according to Reddit threads like this one, with the PS4 telling them the game needed an update — an update that doesn't exist. Redownloading the game didn't seem to work, although some players eventually figured out a workaround: deleting the Deluxe Edition's add-on content.

Shortly after 3:30 a.m. ET today — more than three and a half hours after Battlefront launched — Sony provided a simple solution on its support site. It turns out that affected players have to restore their PS4's licenses. To do that, go to the Settings menu and click PlayStation Network/Account Management, and then "Restore License." If that doesn't work immediately, try turning your PS4 off completely (not putting it into Rest Mode) and turning it back on.

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