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How to get Cho’Gall: Heroes of the Storm's weirdest character yet

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's popular multiplayer online battle arena, is receiving the 45th character to its roster today, as per the game's just-released patch notes. This one is a little bit different than the usual though.

As announced at BlizzCon, Cho'Gall, the two-headed ogre is the latest hero to join the Nexus. But unlike every other character in the game currently, Cho'Gall actually requires two players to team up to control one body. Partnered players will choose to control either Cho — who handles actual movement and is more of an up-close melee fighter — or Gall — a ranged caster who can cast a buff to increase Cho's movement speed.

While the concept itself is out-of-the-ordinary, so is the method for unlocking Cho'Gall. Rather than purchasing him via in-game funds or real money, like most of Heroes of the Storm's roster, Cho'Gall is being given for free to anyone who attended BlizzCon 2015 or purchased a virtual ticket to the event.

For everyone else, they'll need to unlock the hero. See, if you have a friend who has Cho'Gall unlocked, you can buddy up with them as one of the heads. If you win two games while playing as the character, you'll unlock him for permanent use and can then turn around and help other players unlock him.

Players will also be rewarded for helping others unlock the character. By winning four games while partnered with players who don't have Cho'Gall unlocked yet, they'll earn 2,200 in-game gold.

Heroes of the Storm is currently down for maintenance, but the game and this new patch should be up soon. Three other new characters were announced at BlizzCon 2015: Lunara and Greymane from World of Warcraft and Tracer, from Blizzard's upcoming shooter Overwatch. No date has been given for their addition to the game.