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Destiny's big 2.0.2 update is now live, and here's what it does

Destiny developer Bungie just released another major patch for the game that updates it to version 2.0.2, fixing bugs like the notorious Shadowshot glitch and revising elements such as the paltry drop rate of weapon parts, the studio announced today.

This is the second big patch since the mid-September release of Destiny: The Taken King. Now that the expansion has been out for two months, Bungie's making some more significant changes based on player feedback. Crucible quests and bounties are now less annoying and easier to complete, including the lengthy "Crucible Forged" quest, thanks to tweaks like eliminating the requirement for match wins. (You'll now just have to complete matches, not win them.)

As previously announced, update 2.0.2 also relieves the weapon parts shortage that began with patch 2.0.1 a month ago. Guardians will now be able to buy weapon parts from Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, for Glimmer. To compensate for that new feature, Bungie has reduced the amount of faction reputation you'll receive from turning in weapon parts — it's back down to 50 rep per 25 parts, instead of 75 rep. There's more on the vendor front, too: Lord Shaxx will now sell all three legendary swords to players who have obtained an exotic sword by completing the "Blademaster" quest.

Bungie said last week that it would bring back the Iron Banner on Nov. 17, and today's patch also includes a host of improvements to the semi-regular Crucible event. In essence, Bungie is promising more rewards and better rewards — no, for real this time — along with a 20 percent boost to Iron Banner rep gains, so you'll rank up more quickly. The revamped Iron Banner is now live, Bungie confirmed this afternoon on Destiny's official Twitter account. Remember that for the first time ever, it's taking place with the Clash gametype instead of Control.

For more on update 2.0.2, check out the full patch notes. For more on The Taken Kingread our review.

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