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The official Gods of Egypt trailer is ridiculous

Imagine if 300 met Immortals one night, fell madly in love during an intimate affair, and made a baby that grew up with John Carter as the adoring, kind of lame uncle. That movie baby still wouldn't be as ridiculous as Gods of Egypt.

Starring a very serious Gerard Butler, the movie follows the god of darkness, Set, as he takes over the throne in Egypt and plunges the once serene and thriving land into a pit of despair and chaos. Although few are willing to challenge the dark god, one thief blinded by love sets to dethrone him by pairing up with Horus, the patron god of Egypt, according to an IMDB description.

While that's somewhat depicted in the trailer, what's more distracting is the over-the-top CGI and whitewashed cast that occupies the screen.

It's one of those trailers that could be written about in length, but it's far better to just watch it.

Helmed by esteemed visionary Alex Proyas (The Crow), Gods of Egypt is scheduled to hit theaters Feb. 26, 2016.

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